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A foreword titled ‘Revisiting Sport During Lockdown,’ to The Erosion of the American Sporting Ethos…Reconsidered, by J.N. Rosen (Jefferson: McFarland, forthcoming).

A chapter titled ‘Rodney Marsh: The Making of a Maverick Footballer,’ in More than Cricket and Football. International Sport and the Challenge of Celebrity, eds. J.N. Rosen and M. Smith (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2016) More than Cricket and Football. International Sport and the Challenge of Celebrity

‘I don’t believe in role models. Footballing icon Rodney Marsh on Beckham, bad-taste jokes and OBEs.’, 11 July 2013
I don’t belive in role models

‘Has the bella game gone brutta?’, 7 June 2006
Has the bella game gone brutta?

‘Unsportlich.’ Jointly written with Matthias Heitmann in Novo, No. 77, July-August 2005

‘Wenn sie mich auspfeifen, dann tun sie das, weil sie mich furchten.’
Novo, No. 58/59, May-August 2002
Wenn sie mich auspfeifen

‘A blame of two halves.’, 20 June 2002
A blame of two halves

‘Soccer taunts and real racism.’
Italy Daily section of the International Herald Tribune, 8-9 June 2002
Soccer taunts and real racism

‘Lazio’s banners.’, 14 June 2001 Lazio’s banners

‘Confessions of a footballer.’
LM Magazine, December 1996/January 1997
Confessions of a footballer









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