The Angels in Venice’s St Mark’s Church are flying again

An important mosaic in St Mark’s Church has been restored and is now open for public viewing again.
26 scenes, including the foundation of the world, the creation of the first man, the original sin and the expulsion from Eden are represented inside the Dome of the Creation. The mosaic captures these important scenes in great majesty, covering about 60 square metres. It was designed in the early decades of 1200 and Venetian craftsmen learnt from Byzantine craftsmen how to bring out the sparkling colours of gold, green, white and red to produce spectacular effects. The restoration is a credit to the restorers of the Procuratoria of San Marco.

Great photos of the restored mosaic can be viewed on the web link below:

Venezia, Basilica di San Marco: i restauri della Cupola della Creazione

The restoration was funded by private donations to the Venice Foundation. The re-opening of the mosaic was celebrated on 28 January 2012 with a concert by the distinguished cellist Mario Brunello and the Italian String Orchestra, which I was invited to attend and is shown in the photographs I took below:

3 Responses to “The Angels in Venice’s St Mark’s Church are flying again”
  1. sharmini says:

    Nice photos. Definitely worth saving.

    • Dominic Standish says:

      Thanks, Sharmini. Are you still thinking of coming over this year? You’re very welcome, of course, Dominic

  2. Liz Standish says:

    They look beautiful. Hope to see them on our next trip.

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