Referendum campaign against subway

A new Venetian committee was launched on 27 January 2011 with the objective of holding a referendum of Venetians on whether to construct a subway under the Venice lagoon. The committee is made up of diverse political orientations, although members of Venice’s Green Party and the environmental association Italia Nostra are adopting leading roles. The committee favours experimenting with alternatives to the subway, including using hover crafts to cross the Venetian lagoon.
A plan for a subway was prepared by Venice City Council in December 2008 to connect Lido, Tessera and Murano Island with the Arsenal and Fondamente Nuove near the city centre. Ideas for 12 subway stations were exhibited in May 2010 at Venice’s Santa Marta.
Construction of the subway would lead to environmental disruption in the short term around the construction sites. But in the long term, the subway would reduce water traffic and environmental damage from boats. It would significantly improve the transportation of people and cargo around the city.

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