Italy’s Constitutional Referendum ‘No’ Vote and Renzi’s Resignation

On Sunday, 4 December 2016, Italians voted in a referendum to reject constitutional reforms supported by previous Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his government. This vote led to the resignation of Renzi and the establishment of a caretaker government with new elections likely in February 2017 after the Constitutional Court examines a new electoral law on 24 January 2017.

Here I wrote an article for Spiked-online on the referendum which can be accessed using this link:

I also spoke on this Spiked-online podcast the day after Renzi resigned which can also be accessed by clicking on the link below (my interview starts 20 minutes into the podcast and lasts 10 minutes);

I sincerely hope the vote against the constitutional reforms is followed up by giving Italians the chance to choose a new government in elections as soon as possible. This is long overdue and I welcome the rejection of the constitutional reforms which would have strengthened executive government and reduced democratic checks and balances through the Senate. I also welcome the fall of Renzi as prime minister who came to power through a party coup and was never elected to either the lower or upper house of parliament, as I explained in this article;

While some commentators linked the referendum ‘No’ vote to ‘populist’ voting for Brexit and Trump in 2016, I previously outlined how framing the rejection of established politics in this manner expresses the insecurities of political elites;

Let the democratic pressure continue!

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