Tram and commercial/meeting center to develop Marghera on the mainland by Venice


A new tramline and commercial centre will be opened in April 2014 at Marghera on the mainland bordering Venice’s Lagoon. These are welcome steps in the redevelopment of this area, which was previously designated an industrial zone and is in the process of transformation.

Venice’s Mayor Giorgio Orsoni rode the tram in a trial run on 25th March 2014. The service should begin operation in April, although a final date has not been specified. This service will be a welcome addition to the tram service connecting Venice with the city of Mestre. More additions to these connections are also being considered, as outlined in the following article:

Furthermore, the tram service will help people to reach the new commercial and meeting centre which will also open in April 2014, at Easter. This centre is shaped like a ship and has been named “The ship of glass” (see the image above). It will include approximately 120 shops and 15 restaurants and bars with about 700 seating places. There will also be a car park with 2400 places for those wishing to reach the centre by car. In addition, the designers have aimed to recreate the traditions of public space associated with an Italian piazza. So there is a central space dedicated to concerts, book presentations and cabaret, which will be open until 11 o’clock in the evening, as set out in the following article:

The centre will create approximately 500 jobs and is a positive step in transforming Venice and the surrounding area away from dependency on many outdated 20th century industries in the industrial areas of Marghera. Unsurprisingly, the new centre has highlighted its green credentials, especially its use of solar panels and that the steel, glass, wood and stone for the construction of the centre are used materials. It will be interesting to see if these green gestures placate environmentalists, who are not known for celebrating such developments.

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  1. […] After 10 years of work, a new tram link has eventually been created close to Venice. The line between Mestre and Marghera opened on Friday 12th September 2014. This provides a crucial link between the metropolitan area of Mestre and Marghera, where the industrial zones are being changed and a new commercial centre has been opened, as explained in this previous post: TRAM AND COMMERCIAL/MEETING CENTER TO DEVELOP MARGHERA ON THE MAINLAND BY VENICE […]

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