New Tram line opens linking Mestre and Marghera commercial area bordering Venice

After 10 years of work, a new tram link has eventually been created close to Venice. The line between Mestre and Marghera opened on Friday 12th September 2014. This provides a crucial link between the metropolitan area of Mestre and Marghera, where the industrial zones are being changed and a new commercial centre has been … Continue reading

Tram and commercial/meeting center to develop Marghera on the mainland by Venice

A new tramline and commercial centre will be opened in April 2014 at Marghera on the mainland bordering Venice’s Lagoon. These are welcome steps in the redevelopment of this area, which was previously designated an industrial zone and is in the process of transformation. Venice’s Mayor Giorgio Orsoni rode the tram in a trial run … Continue reading

Venice’s first two mobile dams arrive in lagoon for installation

After a couple of months during which there appeared to be little progress in modernising the city, there was an important development with the ‘MoSE’ mobile dam project. The first two barriers for the dam project were transported to the lagoon, entering it at 15.45 on 28 February 2013. They were shipped from their place … Continue reading

Mayor of Venice reveals possible new solution to cruise ship ‘problem’

Giorgio Orsoni, Venice’s Mayor, has revealed that he has commissioned a study to investigate establishing a new maritime port for cruise ships at Marghera, which is on the mainland side of the Venetian lagoon. This proposal was outlined during a meeting on 2 October 2012 between the Mayor and representatives of the “No Big Ships” … Continue reading

New investment for innovative offshore platform to develop Venice’s port

Plans to develop Venice’s port with an offshore platform and changes to onshore facilities are progressing. In January 2013, €2.45BN was committed to this project. This was announced in an article in the Venetian newspaper La Nuova Venezia, which can be read using this link: Tre_miliardi The plan is to construct a four kilometre-shipping terminal … Continue reading

Reactions to the cancellation of Pierre Cardin’s Light Palace for Venice

French fashion designer Pierre Cardin had designed a Light Palace for Venice, which is close to where he was born. The Light Palace, or Palais Lumière, was planned to be constructed on the edge of the Marghera industrial areas bordering Venice’s lagoon. But on 28 June 2013, Cardin’s nephew, Rodrigo Basilicati, who is the CEO … Continue reading

Investments agreed to transform Venice’s Marghera industries

A design image for the planned Palais Lumiere in Marghera: Investments totalling €5 billion have been earmarked to transform the Marghera industrial areas bordering Venice’s lagoon. The plan to change the industrial areas was announced on 16 April 2012 and was presented by Italy’s Environment Minister Corrado Clini, the Governor of the Veneto Region Luca … Continue reading

Anti-Nuclear Demonstrations

Demonstrations against restarting nuclear power generation in Italy have been held in Venice and other cities in Italy in the buildup to the planned referendum on 12 and 13 June 2011. A demonstration on St Mark’s Square, Venice, highlighted the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan, and the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear accident in … Continue reading

Children’s Theme Park for Venice?

A great plan to transform the old Fort of Marghera into a children’s theme park city is facing opposition. The derelict Fort is situated in Marghera on the mainland near the Venetian lagoon. But ABO, a non-governmental organisation that raises funds to promote cancer research, is challenging the plan for the children’s city. Instead, ABO … Continue reading

Environmentalists challenge train link to Venice airport

Plans for a high-speed train (TAV) link between Venice’s Marco Polo airport and Venice’s neighbouring city Mestre are facing opposition from Green Party members of Venice City Council. The Council will examine the plans on Friday 18 February 2011. Gianfranco Bettin of Venice’s Green Party argues the plans will create unacceptable risks and lack sufficient … Continue reading

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