Futuristic Vision for a City Rooted in the Past: my comments in NYT/IHT article on Venice & Cardin’s Palace

The article below was written by Elisabetta Povoledo and published in the New York Times and International Herald Tribune on 6/7 December 2012: The original can be accessed from this link: VENICE JOURNAL: Futuristic Vision for a City Rooted in the Past Futuristic Vision for a City Rooted in the Past By ELISABETTA POVOLEDO VENICE … Continue reading

New Venice hotels on mainland, not in palaces

Another Venetian palace was put up for sale on 31 March 2011. Palazzo Stern is being sold by the Italian Health Authority ASL, as reported by Massimo Scattolin in the newspaper La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre (31 March 2011). This decision followed recent announcements that three other Venetian palaces (Dubois, Bacchini and Corner) would … Continue reading

Something fishy going on in Venice?

Rumours are spreading that Venice’s famous fish market in the Rialto area of the city could be closed. These rumours prompted a demonstration on 14 March 2011 by approximately 200 people, who were mainly merchants from the market. The demonstrators sought assurances that the fish market will not be shut. The protest was organised by … Continue reading

Environmentalists challenge train link to Venice airport

Plans for a high-speed train (TAV) link between Venice’s Marco Polo airport and Venice’s neighbouring city Mestre are facing opposition from Green Party members of Venice City Council. The Council will examine the plans on Friday 18 February 2011. Gianfranco Bettin of Venice’s Green Party argues the plans will create unacceptable risks and lack sufficient … Continue reading

Entrepreneurs to help restore St Mark’s Square?

An appeal was launched on 9 February 2011 by Venice City Council requesting €1 million of private funds to assist restoration of Venice’s St Mark’s Square. Pavements and doorways on the Square need urgent restoration. Venice City Council has allocated €300,000 for this work. Alessandro Maggioni, Venice’s Councillor of public works, has called on entrepreneurs … Continue reading

Developing Chioggia

Promising investment to develop the marina and surrounding area of Chioggia at the south of the Venice lagoon was announced on 7 February 2011. In the first phase, docking facilities for boats will be increased to 400 vessels and a clubhouse, swimming pool, bar and restaurant will be added. In the second phase, the docking … Continue reading

Protest against high speed trains

On Saturday 5 February 2011, protests against the development of high-speed train services (TAV) will take place in the village of San Donà di Piave to the north-east of the Venice lagoon. The Italian environmental league, Legambiente, has organised the protest alongside local agricultural associations. This campaign threatens to limit much-needed high-speed train services for … Continue reading

Stopping the development of Venice’s Piazzale Roma

Plans to develop the vehicle arrival point in Venice, Piazzale Roma, have been challenged by Venice’s Safeguarding Commission. Over the last 2-3 years, plans have evolved to double the size of the San Marco parking facility alongside the square of Piazzale Roma. Given the inadequate parking facilities in Venice, this would reduce queuing for parking … Continue reading

Dr Dominic Standish – Academic, Author and Commentator

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