Decisions made for Venice cruise ships, channel routes and offshore platform.

A meeting was held on 7 November 2017 in Rome of the ‘Comitatone’ committee charged with managing Venice and its lagoon. This committee includes representatives of the national government and local administrators, including the Mayor of Venice.   After years of debate about different scenarios for cruise ships navigating the Venetian Lagoon, it was decided … Continue reading

Cruise ship programme on BBC World Service including my comments on Venice

CityCity Magazine feature ‘Venice: a shifting metaphor for the human condition’

Below the article ‘Venice: a shifting metaphor for the human condition’ by Dominic Standish is reproduced from CityCity Magazine, Issue 3, Autumn 2013. For the full issue including the other articles please refer to and contact the Editor, William Arthurs. CityCity Magazine, in the Autumn 2013 Issue, also published a book review of Venice … Continue reading

Challenging Venice’s etiquette rules which penalize residents and tourists

This year anti-tourism campaigns and attempts to regulate tourists in Venice have reached new heights. I strongly advised against discriminating against tourists in my book, Venice in Environmental Peril? Myth and Reality (2012). Apart from the possible economic impact of being negative towards tourists, we are all people, residents are sometimes tourists too and tourists … Continue reading

Mayor of Venice reveals possible new solution to cruise ship ‘problem’

Giorgio Orsoni, Venice’s Mayor, has revealed that he has commissioned a study to investigate establishing a new maritime port for cruise ships at Marghera, which is on the mainland side of the Venetian lagoon. This proposal was outlined during a meeting on 2 October 2012 between the Mayor and representatives of the “No Big Ships” … Continue reading

Hit team to ‘educate’ tourists in Venice

Venice City Councillor Carla Rey held a press conference at 11 am on 11 May 2012 to inaugurate a team of 15 stewards and hostesses who will ‘educate’ tourists in and near St Mark’s Square. Although the City Council press release was careful to stress that they will educate tourists and citizens, its title focused … Continue reading

Sustainable development plan passed by Venice City Council

After much debate and many revisions, Venice City Council voted in favour of a plan for the future development of the territory in the early hours of 1 February 2012. A majority vote in favour of the plan was achieved despite demonstrations outside the Venice City Council building and disturbances inside that led to suspensions … Continue reading

Environmentalists in Venice are riding the waves of a cruise crash

Venice’s No Grandi Navi (No Big Ships) campaign, which is supported by many environmentalists, has been bolstered by the Costa Concordia cruise ship crash. But the campaign’s claims do not justify the banning of cruise ships from the Venetian lagoon. Nor do they merit the phasing out of cruise ship passage through the waters of … Continue reading

Something fishy going on in Venice?

Rumours are spreading that Venice’s famous fish market in the Rialto area of the city could be closed. These rumours prompted a demonstration on 14 March 2011 by approximately 200 people, who were mainly merchants from the market. The demonstrators sought assurances that the fish market will not be shut. The protest was organised by … Continue reading

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