‘In Venice, cruising has been unfairly demonised but can be improved’, my comments for ‘Cruise ships: Blessing or blight?’ a Good Tourism Insight Bite including many contributions

These multiple contributions by travel and tourism stakeholders were published by the Good Tourism blog on 2 May 2023. You can read them by clicking on the following link and registering free for the Good Tourism blog, which I highly recommend: https://www.goodtourismblog.com/2023/05/cruise-ships-blessing-or-blight/#DS This is the text of my own comments: In Venice, cruising has been … Continue reading

My latest article on tourism in Venice: ‘Mass tourism in Venice: Are city officials overreacting?’ Published by The “Good Tourism” Blog

This article was published on 11 April 2023. It can be read by following the link below: It is free to subscribe to the above blog, which I highly recommend for many excellent articles. Feel free to share it on social media. The text of my article is also below: Mass tourism in Venice: Are … Continue reading

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