My assessment of the new Italian government and how undemocratic it is, published by @spikedonline

The new Italian government has 8 unelected, technocratic ministers and EU institutions have again played significant roles in the formation of an Italian government. You can read the article, published on 7 June 2018, by clicking on this link below; TREATING ITALY LIKE A EURO-COLONY The text of the article is also below: TREATING ITALY … Continue reading

NOW IT’S TIME FOR ‘ITALEAVE’ – My article on Italy’s general election

The article in the link and text below on the general election in Italy held on 4 March 2018 was published by Spiked on 7 March 2018;   NOW IT’S TIME FOR ‘ITALEAVE’ DOMINIC STANDISH LECTURER AND AUTHOR Italy’s politicians must listen to the public and consider leaving the EU. The General Election in Italy … Continue reading

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