Covid-19 and the world economy, part 4: Italy / South Africa. Academy of Ideas online event on 1 July 2020, 20.00-21.30 CEST, with my introduction on Italy

You can register for this event and participate on Zoom using the following link: Covid-19 and the world economy, part 4: Italy / South Africa The event if free but you are encouraged to make a contribution to the Academy of Ideas for your participation here: Support the Academy of Ideas This is the outline … Continue reading

The #coronavirus or #COVID19 outbreak in #Italy has been met by a risk-averse, fearful panic. Instead of banning direct flights, closing schools in non-affected areas, a rational management response is needed. My comments on @SkyNews daily podcast

While it is logical to lock down areas (mostly in the Lombardy region like Codogno, plus Vo’ Eugeneo) with multiple cases of coronavirus, it is irrational to close schools, universities, museums, monuments and companies in areas without cases of the virus. Many of these institutions have been closed until 1 March 2020 in 5 regions … Continue reading

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